Papers and Pre-Prints

    Spectral Theory, Analysis of Eigenfunctions, Nodal Domains, Index Theory:

  Scattering Theory, Conic Diffraction, Dispersive/Strichartz Estimates & Microlocal Analysis in PDEs:


      Fluid Mechanics – Theory & Experiment:


    Lattice Problems, Quantum Graphs, Topological Physics & Optics:


   Nonlinear dispersive PDE in Mathematical Physics – Analysis, Existence & Stability Theory of Stationary Solutions, Dynamics (applications in Density Functional Theory, Nonlinear Optics, General Relativity,Fluids,…):


     Material Science & Stochastic Spin Systems:


    Quasilinear and Degenerate Dispersion Equations, Weak Turbulence Models:


  Numerical Analysis:


  Markov Chains, Spectral Optimization and Graph Partitioning:

Nonlinear PDEs on Geometric Backgrounds: